About Me

Welcome! My name is Matt Walter and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, focusing on Vegan Health, Wellness, and Fitness. My mission is to help you take control of your health and live your best life.

I studied Food Science and Human Nutrition at Washington State University, eventually earning a master’s degree in teaching. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, former NSCF, ISSA, ACE, and APEX Certified Personal Trainer, former math and science teacher, husband, and father to two sons. My passion is conducting research on the efficacy of plant-based diets for health, wellness, and athletic performance, which I have been pursuing for the past 20 years.

Herbivore Muscle grew out of both passion and frustration. I have always enjoyed helping others, and health and fitness are what I do best. We all have talents; those things we are passionate about and do so well that others seek our advice. This is mine.

My frustration, however, grows from knowledge. There was a time when smoking was said to have no known side effects. For my younger friends out there, yes! That’s actually true! For the rest of us; remember that?! Today is no different, we simply face a different health crisis. We are lied to about food.

My mission is to be a voice for true nutrition science. A diet based predominantly on animal products is killing us. I will show you how a compassionate, plant-based, vegan lifestyle is the key to maximizing your life-long health and fitness journey. I am here to bring you information so that you can be as vegan as possible, to simplify eating so that you are healthy and can reach your personal goals, and to help you get fit with workouts you can do at home or in the gym.

I am here to help you take control of your health and live your best life.

Yours in Plant-Based Health and Fitness,

Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Plant-Based, Plant Built